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Shooting experience - CS Solutions International

Established goverment certified company organizing professional training & exhilirating experiences for enthusiastic individuals or groups for team-building or relationship-building purposes

Weekend programme including two days at a shooting range.

Unlimited ammunition, various weapon types (pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles).

Catering, airport pick-up, accommodation and evening programme including refreshements provided

Extended services available (helicopter experience, offroading, defensive driving techniques etc.)

Location: Prostejov, CZE (the city of Czech Special Forces)
Dates: flexible upon request, introductory deals available in February & March 2019

E-mail: horak@cssolutions.company
Phone:+44 746 441 4190

Outdoor-shooting training at Bzenec testing range

  • sleeping in the open outside the range
  • shooting with rifles at distances of 300 - 600m
  • tactical shooting with assault rifles
  • pistol shooting, so called CQB
  • shooting on the move
  • abseiling
  • terrain vehicle riding

Participants may also stay in one of the numerous accommodation facilities in Bzenec.


Date: Friday 8/6/2018 - arrival from 18:00
Saturday 9/6/2018 - approx. 18:00 end of event

Required equipment::

If you make early reservation, weapons and ammunition may be borrowed at a discounted price.
Harness and other abseiling equipment may be borrowed (included in the course price).

It is possible to participate only in the shooting part of the event, which will take place on Saturday from 9:00.

You can register by paying the full price on the account no. 3883770028/5500, no later than Wednesday 6/6/2018 For variable symbol use your birth number (personal identification number), list your full name and phone number in the notes field.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via phone 774 136 514 or by email strelnice@cssolutions.cz

Tactical Shooting Challenge 2018

4th year of an international tactical-shooting competition


Date: 22/9/ - 23/9/2018

Location: Military testing range Bzenec

A competition of two-man teams for security professionals, military and law enforcement personnel and civilian shooters, engages a broad spectrum of shooting and tactical skills, field first aid provision, team cooperation, use of various weapons and combination of the above. The competition tests the participants in aimed long-distance shooting, short-distance combat shooting, shooting from vehicles, in building, shooting in low light conditions, e.g. MOUT, FIBUA, CQB, TCCC.

The number of participants is limited to 30 teams.

You can find more information and registration form here: